Dec 1, 2013

Sunday Selections #148

It's time for Sunday Selections!
Sunday Selections is a weekly meme hosted by River at Drifting Through Life. 

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River somewhere in your post
3. leave a comment on River's post and visit some of the others who have posted and commented: for example:
    Andrew at High Riser
    Gillie at Random Thoughts From Abroad

So here is this week's selection. I hope you like them.

Y folded up the cushion on his beloved banana lounge
to keep the animals off it. Didn't work.

A drew a Chinese dragon for Studies of Asia class

Pirate's Cove in the GESAC swimming pool in
East Bentleigh, which I only just found out existed!

This is what happens when you go for a walk
with two kids who refuse to bring a coat.
If you're me, that is.

Seen on our walk. Does anyone know what
kind of tree this is? I just love them.

A selfie -
intentional this time

Demonstrating how to use the panorama function on iOS7 -
when M. ran round in front of the camera at the last frame. Weird effect!

Tia again

Our jacaranda tree has flowered!
The kids and I have been watching for them;
they finally came out this week. (Thanks to
River's post for reminding me to post this)


  1. Another nice slice of your life. The tree is northern hemisphere and deciduous. Our jacarandas flower so much later than Sydney's or even Adelaide's.

    1. I am absolutely positive, back during the drought, that our tree had flowered one year during my birthday which was October. It's been late November or December ever since though.

  2. Nicer selection. You can never go wrong with cat pictures.

    1. "You can never go wrong with cat pictures": totally agree!

  3. Another cat which rules the roost. A brilliant collection this week. We don't get jacarandas here - and I love them. Your mystery tree 'might' be a Golden elm.

    1. Thanks EC! Looked that up and yes it does appear similar!

  4. Cats are smarter than we are! I don't know what the mystery tree is, but your jacaranda is lovely.
    I love that Pirate's Cove!

    1. They outmaneuvre us anyway!
      Yes the pool is AMAZING.



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