Nov 26, 2013

Letting off steam

I know there's too much judgmental snark in this world, and I KNOW there are more important things... but I just have to get this out.

Why the F*** do people back into car parks?

Are you one of those people?  Is there a massive advantage to this that I am missing?  What's the point?

I honestly don't get it. You have to back your car at some point, and backing out of a carpark is twice as easy as backing into one. You spend more time backing into the carpark than you save in driving straight out of it later.  And while you do it, you hold up everyone else who has to wait while you take twice as long to get your car into the slot.

Then if your car is next to mine, when we go to leave, our driver's side doors are right next to each other so one of us has to wait until the other gets into their car, before they can walk to their door.

Or if I'm parked on the other side of you, your car is most likely right up against the edge of your car park slot, so I have to struggle to open my door and walk out.

I would never actually use one of these stickers. 

Clearly I'm missing something here.

Clue me in?


  1. I don't have an answer and it has struck me as odd, but also when they back up against a wall, the wall is often marked by fumes from their exhaust pipe, especially if it is an older car.

  2. And why oh why are there some many (very) large four-wheel drives in the supermarket car park. It is obvious that they have never, and probably will never, go off road - and they are almost impossible to see around.

  3. I don't drive, so don't have a clue, none of my family has ever backed in to a car space.

  4. I've been pointed to an article in Slate that says backing in is safer (that is, driving forwards out avoids collisions that are quite common in carparks. So at least now I know why. It's still annoying though!



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