Dec 29, 2013

Sunday Selections #152

It's time for Sunday Selections!
Sunday Selections is a weekly meme hosted by River at Drifting Through Life. 

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River somewhere in your post
3. leave a comment on River's post and visit some of the others who have posted and commented: for example:
    Andrew at High Riser
    Gillie at Random Thoughts From Abroad

This week's photos are another ode to "the beauty of everyday things".


Where was this shot of beautiful pampas grass taken, do you think? By a beach, or in the country?

Would you believe on an embankment on the side of Dandenong Road near Malvern?  I don't know if it is always there or has been temporarily left to run riot, but it is pretty big - a veritable field of gorgeousness right by the side of the busiest road in the suburb. And I'd never noticed it before.  I was happy when we got a red light so I could take this photo.


Here is a "shell sculpture" my kids made today.  Isn't it lovely?

They also tried to con me into paying them $2 each to see it. Nice try kids.


Someone was very relaxed yesterday.


It's still Jacaranda season. Here is a set of images from our backyard.
One of the best things about our house is the backyard. It's not huge, and it's unkempt, but I love it. It is a little patch of green (and purple!) relaxation.

How was YOUR week?


  1. Nice that you captured their sculpture for eternity...

    1. Yes, I might be able to sell it somewhere

  2. I love the shell sculpture - and have paid more to see ones I liked less.
    Aren't we lucky, that there is beauty everywhere - when we open our eyes to it.
    Gorgeous post. Thank you.

    1. Thanks EC. Thinking on your comment and more about their effort, I do feel a bit bad now for not paying them to see this. And I supposedly value art!!

  3. The shell sculpture is great. Not sure about a backyard where kids can run around without being told to not touch something or worse, throw a ball.

    1. Agreed. Ours is most definitely "lived in".

  4. The shell sculpture is Art and doesn't everyone pay to see an Art Exhibit? Were the shells glued to heavy paper so it could be kept? That's frameworthy. I would frame it and hang it in a bathroom, because shells and water go together. Love your backyard. My mum once painted our lounge room purple and green, which sounds awful, but with the right tones the room was lovely. Three green walls and a purple feature wall. This was back in 1959, before we had a camera, then we moved in 1960.

    1. I am now feeling very guilty for not paying my artists for this work! You're right, it was worth it! In my defense, they are trying to buy more swap cards and had been badgering me with variously couched requests for money all day.
      I love the idea of making a permanent artwork for the bathroom - we'll do this over the holidays I think.
      Your mum's loungeroom sounds pretty cool - it would depend on the shade of the colours. There's no doubt they are both colours that are relaxing and comforting.



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