Dec 6, 2013

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

I can't tell you how glad I am to see that Listography is back. Normally hosted by Kate Takes 5, this week it's being run at Older Single Mum.

This week's topic is: Top 5 Guilty Pleasures.

Mine are:

1. Nutella - obviously, because I am an Australian mummy blogger. We are all obsessed by it from what I read. In the past I used to eat actual chocolate. Now I eat spreadable chocolate that pretends it's something else. The kids get it rarely, on toast. I eat a mouthful (honestly, just one) on a spoon in the evening. I don't eat it every day, but that's only because some weeks I force myself not to buy it.

2. Horror stories. Not violent slasher stuff but scary supernatural stuff. Love/hate a good scare.  My current fixation is listening to podcast short stories at Tales to Terrify.  "Come in....if you dare!"

3. The Reader's Digest.  I know it's corny and old-fashioned, but I love it.

4. Cartoons. Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Ben 10, Stoked and Sally Bollywood give me immense pleasure.

5. Games on the phone. Words With Friends, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Cut The Rope, Cat Physics.... Such a time waster. So stoopid. And yet so much fun.

What about you? What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. 1. Mantracker
    2. mystery stories
    3. finding time all to myself
    4. long showers (Loooonnnnng showers)
    5. dark chocolate

  2. Afternoon naps.
    Walking away from housework.
    Sourdough bread.
    Bubbles (alcolic and not).

  3. Nutella gives me migraines. Horror stories - unless literary - nah.Readers Digest I'd never buy, but love it

    My list of guilty pleasures:
    1) Soppy romantic comedies
    2) Horseradish sauce on buttered toast
    3) Walking anywhere - make that exercise, any time
    4) Good perfume
    5) Extremely good gin and tonics - Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire

  4. 1. nutella and peanut butter sandwiches
    2. vanilla icecream, not the diet stuff, real ice cream
    3. reading in bed with a cup of hot chocolate at 2am
    4. looking at open2view houses on the internet
    5. crime/mystery/forensic stories

    I haven't read the Readers Digest in years!

  5. Oh, these are great!

    Delores - long showers YES - I nearly put this as one of mine

    Elephant's Child - afternoon naps are so good

    Pandora - 1 & 2 are definitely guilty pleasures; 3-5 are valid non-embarassing ones

    River - Nutella and peanut butter TOGETHER? Like Reece's Pieces in a sandwich! Now I want to try... No 3 also sounds good. The Reader's Digest hasn't changed since last time you read it!

  6. I admit it - I too like The Readers' Digest. I've been reading it since I was 7 and my parents had a subscription as a Christmas present every year from my grandparents.

    1. Oh good not just me! My mum used to read it too; I think nostalgia is a big part of the appeal of Readers Digest.

  7. I didn't realise you'd linked up sorry Jackie! Such a bad hostess, aren't I? Was just visiting back out of courtesy and am so glad I have. I love your list. And aren't your commenters good giving theirs so succinctly? I love their lists too! I know exactly what you mean about Nutella - I find buying the cheap stuff works as well as not buying any at all and I do that for exactly the same reason as you go without! Those horror movies apparently still the mind, which the body loves, but can't get to grips with them myself! And what a diverse lady you are with the range between Reader's Digest and cartoons and games! Good for you. Thank you so much for this and I'm so sorry for the delay in responding :)

    1. That's ok! Thanks for hosting, it was fun.
      Good idea about Nutella - the kids will still like the cheap stuff but I don't so I *should* try this.
      I have wondered at the appeal of horror before. I think you're right - it stills the mind, and provides some relief from the real world's fears and terror!
      I was chuffed with the comments here too - loved everyone's lists.



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