May 16, 2012

Op Shop Finds

I’m not one of those people who scours charity shops and finds marvellous things, so you won’t see this type of post from me very often.

But I did pick up a few nifty items from our local MS Shop just yesterday:

Melamine platters (seen here being inspected by the cat) ideal for kids’ parties – $1.00 each

Art smocks for school: size small men’s shirts – $6.00 each

Pyrex casserole dish in best Eighties Brown – $6.00
These are fantastic, and cost a bomb these days to buy new.

Bonus picture:
After a busy afternoon’s inspecting, Tia goes to rest on my desk near the laptop

Cat and Mouse

Do you shop "vintage"?
What's been your best find?


  1. My mother has always been an op-shopper - mostly for dresses that she could make into costumes (she's a brilliant dress maker and an active member of a musical society). I tended to avoid them, but did like going to garage sales as a uni student.

    Here in Geneva, I'm a really keen flea market and second hand shop visitor. I've found two winter coats, load of paperbacks, materials (for Sapphire who also likes to sew - it clearly skipped a generation), some crockery and all kinds of little odds and ends that you kinda sorta need at home.

    Favourite find - a flip out wooden sewing desk, purchased last week at the brocante for forty francs. Dated from the 1920s with drawers that flip outwards like a sidchrome tool box. I'm going to clean it and polish it (no varnish or scrubbing as I like the age and dents in it) and then put it in our IKEA-sterile living room with bars of chocolate in each drawer!

    1. That sounds beautiful! I trust we will see some photos on your blog when it's finished. Will you be able to keep the drawers fully stocked I wonder? ;)

  2. you may have noticed I'm ever so slightly addicted to charity shops, car boots, flea markets - anywhere really if there's a chance of a bargain. I don't think I realised how bad I was until I started writing about it! One of my best finds was four beautifully carved, limed oak doors for ten pounds each. I got them at a car boot in Northern Ireland. You just never know...!
    I LOVE that picture of your cat on the desk x

    1. Thank you!
      Wow those doors sound quite a find. And yes, I have noticed you have picked up some good stuff at charity shops :)

  3. Some great findings indeed. Recently,I have encountered a couple of unique tea cups in green and a lovely old - fashioned vase made of curved wood!

    1. Thank you! Those all sound gorgeous. I love green anything.



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