May 18, 2012

Fiction Fridays: Star Baby

Star Baby
by Ian Whybrow 
illustrated by Jason Cockcroft
Orchard Books, 2005

Stars are like babies,
The moon's little babies.
Bright little babies,
Just like mine.

A nostalgia trip this week. Clearing out the kids' rooms last weekend I found this book which I used to read when they were babies. I didn't so much read it to them as read it to myself - and emotional bag of hormones and gushy new-baby love that I was, I would tear up every time. I seriously could not read this book without crying!

This is a lovely book and would make a nice present for a new parent or a baby. Each page features a mother and baby animal, with a similar rhyme structure about how the baby pleases its mother by saying... (baa, neigh, cheep cheep etc).  The illustrations are beautiful.

It also reminds me of my other favourite book for reading to toddlers, Mem Fox's Time For Bed (which has since been satirized as Go The F*** To Sleep). I might feature that one (the Mem Fox one I mean!) another week.

Until then, now that my "babies" are asleep, it's time for this mama also to go to bed.
Sleep tight, star babies everywhere xxx

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