May 26, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Dr Bron at The Modern Family flummoxed me a little with her linky theme this week: THE OUTDOORS ONE.
Oh that's easy, I thought, I'll just go through my posts and find one where I've talked about something we did outdoors.

Don't have one.
Not one!

We do spend time outdoors - we do. But clearly I don't find it as fascinating as I do my little whinges about housework and working and cooking and raising kids and how hard it is to get some sympathy for driving to work.

So, because I want to do the linky and because I want to prove we do actually do stuff outside, here are some things we have done outdoors.

Look for creatures in the garden
I took my kids outside every day for a week to marvel at this guy and tried to pretend it was all wonderful and fascinating and he didn't totally gross me out!

Splash in the "pond" created by the little crater our car has gouged out next to the driveway.  
This photo is fresh from today

Make a fairy garden (collect flowers, autumn leaves and anything pretty and deposit them in or around the "pond")


Botanical Gardens, March this year

Carols by Candlelight, Jells Park, December last year



Walk the dog

Practice on bikes and scooters

Look at clouds / stars / sky

Hang out in the back yard

Collect autumn leaves

Collingwood Children's Farm


OK, so we're hardly adventurous. I admit, Y and I are not the most outdoorsy people. Currently the kids are asking us to take them camping, which is WAY outside our remit. I've been camping a few times - OK three - but I was always tagging along with others. There is no way I can imagine me and Y being responsible for a safe and well-equipped and fun family camping holiday.  About six years ago I threw out my pup tent because it was mouldy - after my last camping trip I lost patience waiting for it to dry and put it away damp.  So my answer to camping requests has been variously "We don't have the stuff" or "You'll go camping with school when you're older" or "oh, Daddy hates camping". (Daddy has never been camping but I can guarantee he'd dislike it).
I think I'll have to offer them the camp in the backyard one summer. But even for that, we don't have the stuff.

So that's my "outdoors" post.

What do you get up to in the outdoors?


  1. It is clear to me that you are an outdoorsy family. For camping, I recomend the Holiday Inn.

    Cranky Old MAn

    1. Excellent suggestion! Or as another I have heard somewhere "the only stars I like sleeping under are five stars" !

  2. Ah, this made me laugh. Even though I did have an outdoors post at the ready I am honestly not an outdoorsy type at all! And have never taken the kids camping. We have been to an American camp ground with cabins. That is as close as we are ever likely to get.
    Having said that, generally speaking I do notice that when I get the kids outdoors they are generally speaking much happier people.

    1. Thank you! That is so true isn't it: "when I get the kids outdoors they are generally speaking much happier people"
      I noticed this myself just today, after an hour spent playing in the mud and the rain with their gumboots and umbrellas - my kids were so happy and relaxed. Very good point that.

  3. Your photos are all lovely and ours would be similar, minus the fairy pond. Dog walking and neighbourhood nosey-ing are pretty much my ideas of being outdoors!

    1. Thanks Kath. Neighbourhood nosying - I like it :)



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