May 8, 2012

Last Week In Photos

Nothing much happened, but one can find joy in the minutiae of the everyday, n'est-ce pas? So here are some snaps from my week last week.

Monday 30 April
Our egg carton had a couple of eggs with little fluffy feathers still attached - ouch! poor hens :( . This was very exciting for the kids because they are city kids deprived of proper contact with nature. They have "collected" one feather each to add to their "collection" of seagull and magpie feathers. These are to be used in the future in some unspecified but no doubt demanding and unrealistic craft project.

As winter weather set in (a bit EARLY thank you Melbourne), I made egg and lemon soup from leftover roast chicken. The bones with a carrot, an onion and some salt and pepper made the stock, then you add arborio rice, and gradually stir in a mix of beaten eggs and fresh lemon juice, and the chicken is shredded and tossed in towards the end. Mmmmm.
Kids wouldn't eat it, but my husband and I love it
: )

Tuesday 1 May
While kids were at Greek school in the late afternoon, I donned my walking shoes and did three laps of the (small) oval at the high school where they go to class. Saw these gorgeous galahs hanging around a discarded football on the field. Tried to think of a funny or profound meaning for this but could not.

Wednesday 3 May
Apart from the RBA slashing interest rates 0.5%, the only thing I have from this day is this hilarious thing on Twitter:

If this doesn't make you laugh you're probably dead
Twitter link

Thursday 4 May
Rain! Lots and lots of rain!

The kids had a school excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium and came back with tales of Emperor Penguins, starfish, jellyfish, sharks, stingrays and assorted other goodies. It makes me want to go. Lucky their school trip came with a free pass each for a future visit - because going there ain't cheap.

Finishing work at dusk, I returned to my car on the rooftop of an unfamiliar carpark to find these beautiful views of the city skyline:

Friday 5 May
Germaine Greer caused quite a kerfuffle on Q and A in March when she had a (yes, catty - OK?) dig at the Prime Minister's clothing. It got her quite a few laughs on TV so she rolled on, starting with "those bloody jackets!" and ending with "You've got a big arse, Julia!"
Absolutely unedifying, and she has been pretty well lambasted since.
So this morning I snorted when I opened the paper to find her new weekly column:

This read like a face-saver to me. Caught out in an anti-feminist rant, she tried to save face by putting a feminist spin on her outburst and dressing it up as something that. it. just. was. not.
Nice try Greer!

Saturday 6 May
At 11am the girls have dancing classes, and for that hour and a half I have started a little routine where I spend 30 minutes walking and the rest of the time sitting with coffee and the morning papers. Two weeks ago my mother met me and we went for coffee at a little Swiss bakery in the local shopping strip, where we had the most perfect lemon cake ever invented.

This Saturday, I got my weeks mixed up and thought Mother's Day was the next day. My mum has always been very insistent that Mother's Day gifts should be "a token". It comes from childhood you see - the gift must come from the child, so should be something small - a homemade picture, some flowers, something hideous from the Mothers Day stall at school. So on Saturday I walked to the little Swiss bakery and bought my mum a delicious lemon tea cake. I was so chuffed with myself. I had nailed it - the perfect Mothers Day gift!

And it was except it was a week early.

Later that day I went supermarket shopping and saw THIS has sprung up at my local shopping centre. Was this really necessary?

Sunday 7 May
The girls and I finished up the week with a craft project, courtesy of Mister Maker on TV.
We (I) collected twigs from the garden, then the girls painted them, and when the paint was dry they stuck them in a blob of play-doh, painted on some glue and covered the whole thing with glitter.

Easy, and takes a gratifyingly long time. (You need that in a craft project, for the kids to enjoy it and for you not to waste time dealing with paint, glue and glitter for a five-minute thrill).

I won't ask what you did last week, as it's so long ago now.
How is your current week going?


  1. What a lovely post - I'd see each photo and want to add a commment directly underneath each one and now I'm at the end I've forgotten all of 'em except:
    * Galahs - how appropriate for a high school!
    * Germaine Greer - has lived in the UK for over three quarters of her life now or roughly the same time that she's been irrelevant. Nastiness should not equal paid air time or column time, but it does for her, unfortunately.
    * Love the sparkly trees (get 'em to do a bigger one for Christmas) and absolutely agree that such crafts need to take longer than the time to set up and clean up.

    1. Thanks Kath. Ooh, giant sparkly tree for Christmas - I like that idea!

  2. I like the sound of your week... I like the sound of that soup! Never heard of it before, and would give it a go if I didn't strongly suspect that I'd have to eat the whole lot myself. The worrying thing is I probably could! But need to cut back at the mo - my portion control isn't very good when I'm on my own.
    We are also big Mister Maker fans - my 7 year old has his book and is obsessed with make and do. Anything that involves sticking or string. We go through heaps of sellotape - it's everywhere! (always some in the washing machine)
    My mum stayed last week, so that livened things up here - but the weather was hideous (still is) and we didn't get to do half the things I'd planned. This week I'm sorting out birthdays + parties for two of mine next week. Stress levels rising.....
    After a good think I've decided not to spread the LA again. But wanted to let you know how chuffed I am that you thought of me. I love the way you write and always enjoy reading your blog x

    1. Thank you!
      Sounds like you're very busy at the moment- I'm sure the parties will be fantastic, good luck with those.
      Thank you too for your lovely comments - the feeling is mutual

  3. Excellent read and the photos are great. Seems like you had a very creative week. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Removals and storage

    1. Thank you. I hadn't thought of my week that way but I think now you are right :)



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