May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Yay, Mother's Day! The day when I get to sleep in... uh, no.  When I get breakfast in bed... ah, nup. When my husband brings me my morning coffee...noooo, he had to go to work early.
OK, so moving right along, the day I get gifts!

Mother's Day gifts are funny and lovely from little kids. As an adult, buying the right gift for your mum can be hard. It shouldn't be too expensive, but should be sweet and personal or something she will appreciate. It's always funny seeing Mother's Day gift suggestions in magazines and newspapers, whether "articles" or ads.

There are the classics (bath stuff, pretty stuff):

The too-expensive and rather offensive (irons, vacuum cleaners):

The versatile:

The ridiculous ("treat Mum to a Hamilton Island holiday this year!")...

And... some stores should probably just face the fact they're not ideally suited for Mother's Day:

But for primary school kids, it's the time-honored Mother's Day stall in the school hall, for the best of soap-and-towel sets, painted fridge magnets, rose-scented hand cream and floral coffee mugs.

Each of my girls had a few dollars to spend at the stall. A. bought two gifts, and M. spent all her money on one, "but it's very precious".

I love this part of Mother's Day - not necessarily for the actual gifts (!), but to see the happiness in the kids' faces as they test out their slowly forming perform-nice-things-for-others muscles.

M. wrapped her gift herself:

The pride and pleasure on their faces as I unwrapped their gorgeous gifts was a treasure.

And I did alright from the Mother's Day stall this year.

writing set, chocolates and glass jewelry box
 - you nailed it kids

Oh, and I also got these paper bowls:

...and this, which M said is "a twisty thing that you can twist in your hands."

I tried it. Satisfying.

Breakfast made for me was bread with peanut butter and a Milo

The day was spent doing a paper fans craft kit I'd bought cheap at the post office, and watching a movie on DVD, "The Water Horse", which we all loved. They had recently been introduced to the Loch Ness Monster via Scooby Doo, and I was very enthusiastic as I LOVED Nessie as a kid and was a believer until well into my grown-up years (embarrassed cough), so I am very fond of the legend.

Rainy cold weather outside, warm coffee, newspapers, internet, music, TV, and me and my munchkins inside, for most of the day. I'm sorry to sound corny, but it's bliss.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. sounds just about right, Jackie. :)

  2. Gosh, I'm envious of the twisty thing.... :-D



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