May 3, 2013

Awesome Autumn

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL mild autumn day in Melbourne today.  It was my favourite kind of weather: sunny but cool and breezy and crispy clear.

It was casual Friday and I had on a comfy good to go outfit: leggings, jersey skirt and top, flat shoes. In this weather you can have a good brisk walk without breaking a sweat, the air is blowy in a nice way and trees are beautiful.

And how did I not ever notice this magnificent tree on the intersection of Exhibition Street and Flinders Lane?

It's not for nothing that autumn is so many people's favourite season.

What's yours?



  1. I gotta go with Spring, although there are always 4 or 5 days in the fall that you just can not beat...and then there is football American style! Maybe I need to rethink that Spring choice.

    1. Spring tends to be rainy here in Melbourne. But it is always nice to come out of winter, so yeah, spring is nice too.

  2. lovely the way the light catches it. Funny thinking about it being autumn with you, when the leaves are just starting to appear on the trees here. But Melbourne is on my mind, because my sister and her family moved there a few weeks ago. Her husband is Australian and they've spent time in Melbourne before, so seem to be quite sorted. I really miss her :(

    1. Oh, Melbourne is so far away from you - that must be hard. I remember when I spent 4 years in London and Greece, it was my sister who I missed the most.



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