May 15, 2013

Cat bed? I already have beds

Our cat Tia spends a lot of her time lately wandering the house looking for a place to lie down away from the dog. She walks around and hisses at him as he follows her, then turns to me and mews pitifully, until we put the dog outside or she finds a spot out of his reach.

So although she never used her old cat bed and I finally threw it out, I thought maybe it was time to get her a new bed and put it somewhere cosy and private.

My mum gave me her old cat's bed, which is enclosed and comfy and just the right size.

I tucked it behind the clothes horse where she has taken to curling up sometimes.

Not interested.

I placed it on the treadmill where she had been sleeping the last two nights.

Not interested.

Maybe interested.


ONLY WHEN I WANT TO.  I found this in the morning:

The next day I moved it back near the clothes dryer which is where she likes to sleep.


The clothes basket provides a little more protection from Harry.


  1. What are they like?? That's a perfectly lovely looking bed! Though appreciate the laundry basket is more of a mini fort..
    I got Humbug a squidgy soft thing to sleep on, but quite often find her on the top shelf in the utility room curled up in a box full of tools and old rags. Crazy cat!

    1. Exactly! Tia will quite often curl up on top of a lumpy bag that doesn't even look comfortable. Cats are frustrating and weird! And loveable :)

  2. Very cute - Seen it all too often, when you buy something really expensive (like cat food or a luxury cat bed) and you think they'll love it...they go and turn their noses up at it.

    Good to see Tia went with it eventually though :)

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