May 31, 2013

Photos From the Olden Days

My mum recently gave my sister and me each a big envelope full of our old school photos and school reports. It's funny looking at photos of your child self that you haven't seen in years. Memories come flooding back; sometimes things (or you) look different to how you remember them; sometimes even the photo is different to how you remember it.

This is me in Grade 5 or 6 when we lived in LA. I loved this lavender t-shirt. I was never a cool kid, and my clothes were pretty non-cool with the occasional exception, and this shirt was one of them. It was the perfect shape, colour and fit, and was so in. Likewise my Ocean Pacific-inspired shirt with the flowers and sunset, which unfortunately does not survive in photos.

The pendant around my neck is from Mexico, and I still wear it.

This is my class photo from Grade 1, 1976.
I am in the second row from the top, and I have very curly hair.

Here I am in Grade 5 in the US. No school uniforms over there!
I'm in the top right corner, behind the teacher.

High school, in Auckland New Zealand, 1985. As if you can't tell.
I'm at the bottom, third from the right. I remember I was quite proud of how my hair looked at that period in my life. Oddly enough.

My kids found these photos a lot of fun. I asked if they could pick me in each one, and to my surprise, they picked me right nearly every time.

I guess I haven't changed as much as I would have liked. :-)



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