Apr 29, 2013

I Need A New Blog Name

I need a new blog name.

I've never been happy with the name of my blog, nor with the URL - especially since the two don't match.

When I set up my blog I wanted to convey these themes: that I'm a working parent, that I do salaried work, that I work(ed) full time, that I sometimes struggle to manage work and parenting. I also wanted to reference that I love reading and researching and working things out and wondering about things.

Every title I tried was already in use or a bit lame.

Finally I went with "Working Through It" and tried to ignore the connotations of drudgery and being a "hard worker" (ugh) that went with it. I meant it to mean like, I'm working it out as I go, and I'm also working, while being a parent. (Yes, genius, I know). I figured I could change it later.

I have registered a new domain name some time back that I quite like (but don't love) but the title is a complete change and here's my stupid little problem with it (talk about your first world problems - check this one). You see that little icon up on your web browser (hopefully) above my blog - the little black handbag with the "WTI" on it? That's my Favicon which I am really fond of. And I quite like "WTI" even if I'm not mad keen on "Working Through It". And see, my new domain name has two words instead of three, and a two-letter abbreviation doesn't work as well as a three-letter one. Also, those two letters that would form the initials in my Favicon would be "SM".

That's not good, is it.

So I'm a bit stuck, because (a) I can't change both my URL and my blog title, or my few but wonderful followers may lose me, (b) I don't like either my blog title or my URL so I can't decide which one to dump, even though I really want to dump both, and (c) I still can't think of a good blog name.

Have you ever regretted your blog name?
Ever considered changing it?
Have you ever changed it?


  1. I always liked your blog name and completely understood what it meant and how it applied to you, your life and your writing.

    As for mine, yes, I'm not fond of it either but after seven years I'm going to stick it out.

  2. Thanks Kath!
    I will probably stick with mine too, and just feel a bit unsatisfied forever... :-)

  3. I've always liked your blog name too. Think it's positive and strong, and fits well. But know what you mean about getting fed up and fancying a change, because that's what I did... and I'm still not happy! Really should have done more research. Then I'd probably have spotted the (many) other Patchwork Life blogs that are out there! :/

    1. Ah, thanks Tracey, that's lovely. I think the two of you have convinced me to stick with the name I have. I'll probably never be fully satisfied with anything I choose, after all :/
      I like your blog name too, and don't worry there are others with the same name, I noticed when looking around for ideas that there are heaps of blogs that share the same names, and it doesn't seem to matter.

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