Mar 6, 2012

Crafty Owls

Currently our 6 year olds are somewhat "over-scheduled". As well as school Monday to Friday, they go to Greek school on Friday nights, and swimming lessons on Saturdays.

This is not a state of affairs I aim for - it's temporary. But I will save you the drawn-out justifications for this situation, and move on to my point, which is that I am trying to keep Sundays very free and low-key. We do one "physical" activity such as walk or ride bikes or go to a park, and other than that the kids do whatever they want for the day. If that includes sitting around and watching TV most of the afternoon I have no problem with that.

However, one thing about kids, even if they are tired and need to hang around and do nothing much, they can still get bored. So the "no plans Sunday" can be a bit hard to pull off week after week.

On some such days, you sometimes have to bite the bullet and do a craft.

I actually don't mind craft activities too much. They take up lots of lovely time *, make less mess than the kids playing freestyle with their own toys, and you create beautiful things to keep! (ha ha)

Some time ago I came across this beautiful craft "Owl Family Play Set" at Inner Child Fun.
It looked easy, and I already had a box of googly eyes and assorted scraps of paper and fabric in my craft box. I started collecting toilet paper rolls sometime last year and told the kids we would be making owls with them. We all kept collecting the rolls and forgetting to do the actual craft, until last Sunday, needing a stay-home activity, we pulled out the toilet rolls, paints and craft box, and got stuck in.

In case you're wondering, I am pretty sure toilet rolls don't retain "germs" for the approximately 4 months they had been sitting in a paper bag on top of our washing machine.

I am pleased to report that this activity was easy peasy lemon squeezy, and they came up great.
You just paint them, let them dry, then press down the tops to make the "ears" (very easy no glue needed for that bit), and stick on yellow triangles for beaks, googly eyes (or draw eyes with a black marker), and bits of fabric or coloured paper for wings.

The only problem was I had been collecting the rolls for so long I ended up with heaps, and the kids wanted to do them all, so we ended up with a definite surfeit of owls in the house.

Whoo-hoo's found a cute and easy craft then...

* hence, on the flip side, January is a bit teeth-gritting as you work your way through all the Christmas gift craft sets.


  1. Sapphire was reading this over my shoulder and said, "Awwww owls - aren't they cute?" High praise indeed.

    1. Definitely! That's made my morning thanks

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennie! I thought that too when I saw it, and it was so easy. My kids had fun with it and kept them happy all afternoon, though they are probably a bit too old for it!



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