Jan 8, 2012

Two of Two: Artistic A

This is about my other daughter A.

She is (in my biased opinion) a great drawer. I'm not making out she is super talented or anything, but she loves to draw and I love her drawings.

She told me recently, "Mummy I think when I grow up I am probably going to be an artist."
Of course she most probably won't - but I love the fact she has thought of it.
Here is a selection of her recent oevre.
A and M watching Tangled at the movies (with popcorn)

paint pots

A in spa-a-a-ace


Take that you nasty pirate!

A and M at the playground

Pirate stuff


Worm friends

She also sometimes calls herself Rosie and runs a cafe from her bedroom...
Though I have to warn you, the food is plastic and the service is not great!

And her favourite cuddly toy Hannah Rabbit, goes to school (rabbit school) while A is at school, and sometimes gets a sticker for good works:

Oh to recapture the un-self-conscious imagination of kids!

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