Jan 8, 2012

One of Two: The Divine Miss M

While I'm on holiday and enjoying doing nothing, I am finding it a bit difficult to do two things: (1) sleep, and (2) blog. So as a quick "place holder" please find enclosed two quick posts celebrating an aspect I love in each of my kids.

I have twin girls, M and A, who are six most days, occasionally they are younger and increasingly (eeek!) they seem more like 10 or 12.

So this is the first of two posts today. This one is about M.

M has always had a strong sense of humour, and loves jokes and playing tricks. When she laughs it is a belly laugh that she cannot stop, and makes everyone else laugh too.
I love that she tries out new words and phrases as soon as she hears them - she inserts them in her everyday speech straightaway and nearly always gets them wrong to start with.

Here are some of my recent favourites:

This one's my favourite because it's cute AND accurate:

She can't say "porcupine".
Instead she calls this animal a "pointypine" or a "pokypine".

[Finishing a drawing:] "It's not really finished. Just needs a little bit more touch."
(one final touch)

"I hate going to the toilet. It's a rug."
(a drag)

She is very clumsy because she is fidgety and cannot sit still, often jumping around or standing or half-resting on something a bit precariously - so she hurts herself a lot.
This is how she describes pain, such as throbbing pain in her hand where she knocked it: "My hand is going blink blink blink."
I like this one!

On seeing this on TV:
"Look Mum! A twice-burger!"

Some days parenting is so much fun.

So that's a little bit about M.
The next post is about her sister A.


  1. Adorable and also, pretty accurate in her descriptions. I prefer hers to the real ones!



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