Mar 9, 2014

Sunday Selections #162

It's time for Sunday Selections!
Sunday Selections is a weekly meme hosted by River at Drifting Through Life. 

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I guess it was silly to think I could acquire a working wall clock for $10. But this was exactly what I was looking for for the kitchen so I snapped it up, only to find once home that it just didn't work.  I kept it for awhile because it's so beautiful, but in the spirit of de-cluttering I finally threw it away this week.

I also had to throw out my favourite wooden spoon - it cracked and split.  This was won by me coming last in the footy tipping at work nearly 10 years ago. My colleague who ran the competition had had his children write "LOSER" and my full name in lovely sparkly purple pen. The writing eventually wore off - you can just faintly see the "L".

A birthday card I gave my sister last month. I liked it.

The ruined pot from our recent burnt eggs and fire brigade adventure. I should have attached this photo to the post and may go back and do that now.

Oh dear - one night recently poor Harry had to sleep elsewhere, at least for part of the night. I found this when I opened the door in the morning.

This was a little weird. One day recently there were some roadworks in the street adjoining ours. I saw this sign outside our house when I collected the morning paper.
We live in a cul-de-sac. There are only 9 houses on our street.

Has it ever taken you years and years to get round to watching a movie you want to see? You know, you miss it at the cinema, and then... just never get round to seeing it?

I finally watched Quiz Show last week - rented the DVD, only 19 years after the movie came out.
It's true what everyone says: it's a good movie.  I loved it.  Great performances from everyone.

Ah, Ralph Fiennes, pre-Voldemort....

How was  your week?


  1. Poor Harry, in the doghouse. At least it was voluntary. With the clock did you try a new battery? Turn the battery the other way? sometimes these things just don't work, sad that you have to toss it. Might have made a nice wall plaque in a kids cubbyhouse....
    Is there no way to save the pot? Simmer it with water and white vinegar then let it cool? Maybe the burns will scrub off after that?

    1. I tried everything with the clock because I loved it! But the fault is with the clock hands, which are attached too loosely ( with no way to tighten them) so one if them just hangs down pointing to six!
      The pot Y scrubbed and got most of the stuff off, but there's still a bit there. I'll try the vinegar thing. I would like to save it because it's a good heavy bottomed pot and those are expensive. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Vinegar and/or a paste made from bi-carb soda should help the pot. You are right, heavy bottom pots are too expensive to throw away.
    Love that clock - and the card.

  3. What a great collection. Love the clock. Too bad you threw it away. You can buy battery operated clock guts.

  4. What better way to document one's own corner of the universe than through photos? What a splendid idea! I love the clock,,,what a find for $10 even though it didn't work. And sometimes even our priceless artifacts must go. Maybe it found its way to someone who could fix it.

  5. The birthday card is very interesting I have seen that befeore. Probably I have made it myself for my friend's birthjday.

  6. I like the clock. Ralph Fiennes. Why does he stick in my mind? Ah yes, Qantas flight.

    1. Ha ha yes! Poor Mr Fiennes, unfortunately that association will be there forever :)



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