Jan 22, 2014

Small Pleasures - the modern life version

I'm sure you don't need another same-old same-old list of the usual small pleasures in life - sand between the toes, sun on your back, first coffee of the morning, etc. So I thought I'd compile a list of some small pleasures that are (mostly) products of modern life.

Do any of these please you as well?

Simple pleasures: 2014 edition

  • Changing lanes on the freeway into a curve, and catching that inside-track advantage
  • Having your tweet re-tweeted
  • Comments on your blog posts
  • Realising when you 'touch off' that your Myki appears to have charged you less than it should (this only happened to me once and was probably my misunderstanding, but it felt good anyway)
  • Choosing your own seats when booking cinema tickets online
  • Coming home to find your spouse has unexpectedly cleaned up
  • The short-lived pleasure of a child's tidy room
  • Donating bags of good-quality clothes/shoes 
  • When you manage to organise parents' days off for school holidays so your kids don't have to go to a holiday program
  • When the dog doesn't have fleas
  • Discovering that the newspaper is no longer including a Leunig calendar for free in the new year edition and you will only be lumbered with it if you buy it (which is not going to happen)
  • The summer edition of the weekend newspaper which is half the weight and all the better for it
  • Free parking
  • A smile with your coffee from the barista
  • Working from home 
  • Being back in the office after working from home
  • Finding a game in the App Store that lets you level up without timing out if you don't pimp it out on Facebook
  • Finding a kids' game in the App Store that actually works and is not a scam for in-app purchases
  • Reading books on the iPhone in bed - no bedside light required
  • Night driving
  • Making CDs for your kids by copying songs from iTunes or other CDs, which gives them hours of pleasure for your half-hour investment
  • Finding a new blog or online magazine from a link in something else, that then becomes one of your new reads
  • Blog communities: linking up or joining in memes and themes
  • Effortlessly keeping up just the right amount of connectedness to acquaintances thanks to Facebook
  • Finding Ipanema thongs (flip-flops) on sale
  • An unexpectedly dark, clear night where thousands of stars and the Milky Way are visible from your front lawn

  • Finding a head lice product that actually gets rid of head lice (Full Marks Head Lice Solution)
  • Rediscovering museums, art galleries and libraries - places we used to go to and somehow don't very often, these days
  • Quiet time in the morning before anyone else gets up
  • Finding excellent e-books for less than $10

  • Finishing an e-book and releasing it didn't contain any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Taking a break from electronic reading and savouring the pleasure of a book, magazine or newspaper on paper

What are your modern life small pleasures?


  1. Nothing to add, but getting comments on your blog is a good thing.

    I like your "Working from home" followed by "going back to work after working from home."

    1. Each one allows you to appreciate the other

  2. Some of your modern joys would give me the horrors.
    I do like the stars though. And should rediscover museums and galleries. And the blogosphere is decidedly a gift.

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      \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 It's funny isn't it? I often realise that some of the way we live would have horrified me if I'd been able to see ahead 20 years ago. Glad I couldn't!}

  3. I like most of yours. The first one especially appeals to me. How about waiting a long time for a tram and when it finally arrives and you squeeze on, there is no possibility of your touching your Myki on as you can't get near a machine. You feel you have suitably punished the tramways for the delay by not paying.

  4. I love that quiet time in the morning before anyone else gets up. It's like having the whole world to yourself.
    I like comments on my blog too and finding new blogs with stories that make me laugh.

  5. Fab list. Also both those books are on my to-read list so that made me smile too :-)

    1. They are both excellent, especially the first one

  6. Free Kindle books...buying an auction batch to get one article and finding out you can use most of the stuff that came with it.



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