Jan 30, 2014

12 Resolutions: January recap

This year I'm playing along with #12Resolutions on Twitter and Facebook. The idea is to set yourself short-term, achievable goals, one each month. 

My resolution for January was to walk 5 times a week.  It was very small, very easy, and that was the point. Any walk counted, whether it was 5 minutes or half an hour, slow or brisk.

For the first time in .... I don't know how long... I actually stuck with a resolution! 

I now walk the dog every morning. Well, I should say ALMOST every morning; I have skipped a couple but basically he will not let me get away with it!  Every morning now as soon as I sit up  in bed - or even just pull back the blankets before I sit up - he hears me from outside, and starts barking and scraping on the back door. And then when I let him in, he leaps around and quivers and stares at my face until I say "Do you wanna go for a WALK?!" and he barks and jumps around like a lunatic until we go.  

He's a little dog, and we only walk for 20 minutes. But it does us both a heap of good. He's no longer an annoying idiot for the rest of the day, and I have a little more pep in my step as well.

So: January's resolution is done, and will continue.

Next up: February's resolution.


January: walk 5 times a week

Image by vorakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Well done you. Your dog will make you feel guilty if you don't take him for a walk.

    1. Thank you! He definitely does. Guilty - and regretful. I'm locked in now!

  2. Well done you. The dog will not know that it is Feb, so you may find yourself still doing January in December.

    1. Ha ha, that's right! No, I'm stuck with a daily walk forever now! Which is what I was working myself up to, in a way that wouldn't freak me out. :)

  3. Good for you. Still struggling with my one and only resolution. Old habits die hard.

    1. They really do - I know. I still have plenty of bad habits I haven't yet made resolutions for as I've failed in the past.

  4. Dog's need those walks for exercise and smelling stuff (their social network).

  5. Hi Jackie,

    See? Told you it was easy.






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