Aug 25, 2013

Sunday Selections: New Sneakers

Sunday Selections is a weekly meme started by Kim of FrogPondsRock but now hosted by River at Drifting Through Life.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River somewhere in your post
3. leave a comment on River's post and visit some of the others who have posted and commented

This week I was intending to post some Puffing Billy photos, but I don't like putting my kids' faces on the blog and the best photos have their lovely little mugs in them, so I'll leave those photos for now.

Meantime, today we bought new sneakers. Both kids are rapt: they have got themselves the coolest, jazziest sneakers we've ever seen. 

And I was rapt because they are good quality and weren't hugely expensive and thanks to loyalty cards I got one pair completely free.

A said, "Don't forget the side view, Mum!"

M chose sneakers of such gorgeous garishness that she is in awe of them. They have flowers, peace symbols, sparkles and diamantes. And they light up.

It was only when we got home that I remembered we were supposed to be buying everyday sneakers they can wear to school with their uniforms.


  1. Ah, the light up sneakers!

    1. haha, yes! Yours look very similar to ours...
      M had light-up sneakers when she was little and loved them but we hadn't seen them for "big kids" until now. VERY exciting.

  2. Great shoes! They are the ants pants. For my little kids, I just adore See Kai Run - gorgeous soft leather shoes, I wish they came in my size!

    1. Thanks Lani - they are definitely the ants pants, or the cat's pyjamas!
      Just checked out See Kai Run and I see what you mean. Lovely.

  3. I love them!!
    I have to buy my sneakers at Athletes Foot because I wear kid size but in the widest possible fitting and that's the only place I can get them. Sadly the ones that fit only come in white/navy, so that's all I've worn for the last ten years. And black school shoes, also from AF in wide kid size.

    1. I know- they should totally make grown-up sneakers like these ones - I'd wear them! (well maybe not light-up ones)



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