Aug 4, 2013

Pending Coffee

I just came across this and I think it is my new favourite thing:

I saw this meme and then googled it, and yep, it's real. See:

What a wonderful thing.


  1. More on this. I've been thinking of the logistics around this, and how it might translate if we adopted it here. This is tongue-in-cheek - kind of:

    How long do pending coffees last if no one claims them? Are they just good for the day? Or forever? Is this just up to the cafe to decide, or would they have some kind of ethical or even legal duty to donate the money for unclaimed coffees to charity?

    Who keeps track of them?

    Do staff ever "steal" them?

    What if you are getting too many to handle, how do you let your customers know no more pending coffee orders are being taken, and how do you let them know when you're ready to start taking them again? How do you manage this so that everyone knows you are being honest?

    Do you need to rethink your dress code for patrons, so as not to turn away customers who will claim the pending coffees?

    Of course none of these questions are really difficult or complicated. But if we started this here in Australia... it would soon get complicated I am sure :-)

  2. And...more on this again. I told my (Greek) husband about this and he said they have started doing this in Greece too, taking the idea from Italy.



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