Aug 21, 2013

Plain Speaking Slogans

I commute, and as such I drive past a lot of tradies' utes, small company vans and larger company trucks. I see a lot of company names and slogans.

There are company names and slogans that befuddle me. I can't understand what they do. Some of these have sort of half-descriptive names, reminiscent of  Kruger Industrial Smoothing.

Such as: Supply Chain Solutions. Goodness knows what that company does.

There are others that sound interesting but are still a bit cryptic, like China Shipping.

But there are others that make it really plain, and I love these.

I'm usually driving, so I can't take photos of trucks normally, much as I'd love to illustrate these ones all here.  But maybe you have seen these ones around?

Uretek has trucks with a massive full-colour cartoon of a worker raising a concrete floor, and the large bold statement  We raise sunken concrete.

I am so pleased with these trucks, the giant picture and the plain speaking slogan, that I have made a solemn promise to myself that if ever I need concrete raised, I will definitely use this company. I don't care what it costs!

Zerella Fresh is a company I hadn't heard of before today, but this morning on the freeway I saw one of their trucks. On a clean, plain black and green background are the company name "Zerella Fresh" and its slogan: Potato, Carrot and Onion Specialists.

I find that refreshing - honest, simple and believable. I am absolutely sure you can depend on this company for all your potato, carrot and onion needs.

But the winner so far is this company: Australian MultiWall Bag Co.

Not so much for its name (less than descriptive if you're not au fait with paper bag lingo) but its fine, plain slogan:  Paper Sack Manufacturer.

Now there's a brand comfortable with its product and its advertising. May it live long and prosper.


  1. Now I know where to go if I need to manufacture some paper sacks!

    A unique and interesting post about stuff I never noticed before, now I will be reading every truck I see.

  2. Guess it is the statement KISS (keep it simple stupid) in action. Very much to the point.

  3. Supply Chain Solutions is fairly simple. Most places have various sources for their supplies, for example restaurants who source food from green markets, butchers etc, they'd need a company who keeps in touch with all those sources and relates back to the restaurant. Offices have similar supply chains, for paper, ink, other stationery items, particularly specialist items.

    1. Makes sense. I think I just hate it when so many companies use "solutions" in their brand names or slogans. So overdone!

  4. I think supply chain solutions is the slogan for Linfox.

    1. It is, yes! And there is also a company with that name too, though you're right, it was the Linfox trucks I was thinking of.



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