Feb 6, 2013

Sand Sculptures: "Under The Sea"

So these are cool.

The annual sand sculpting competition and exhibit is on, and we recently went to see them. The exhibit is at 'Frankston Waterfront', which is an actual place, not a vague term meaning on the beachfront as I assumed.   After traipsing for a bit through drizzle up and down the main beach, we got back in the car and drove further along and found the right place, and in we went.

I have to say the entry ticket for a family of four is a bit on the pricey side, but that's the way it is these days. Toys and "stuff" for kids have got cheap, and outings have got expensive.

But the sculptures are amazing and well worth a visit.

They're open until April 28 - you can see more information at the Frankston council events site here.

More pictures, and information on sand sculpting and how it's done, can be read at Sandstorm Events' website here.


Mermaids (and a couple of family
members in the background)


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Those are amazing. I saw quite a few dotted about the beach on a recent trip to Tenerife.




    1. Hi PM,
      I am sure this is the only time that Tenerife has ever been talked of in the same context as Frankston...

  2. Wow ..... I wonder if they do something to make sure that they survive a rainstorm?

    1. They are apparently sprayed with a rainproof coating, but they are in the open, so I don't know they'd stand up to a full-on storm. Apparently though it's just the compacted nature of sand that holds them all together for so long. FAQ here:



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