Feb 20, 2013

Hard Questions

Here are some questions my kids have asked me. I don't know all the answers - do you?

"Why don't dogs and cats get nose bleeds?"

"Which is worse: fire in your bottom or spikes sticking in your bottom?"

"Where did lice come from?"

"Who's stronger, God or Santa?"

"Why aren't dragonflies purple?"

"How come [...] downloads movies which you shouldn't do but she's a good person?"

"What's more important, a volcano or your kids?"  [huh?]

"How come dogs don't have to clean their teeth?"  [actually, ours should]

"How come you NEVER let us do anything fun!"  [huh? how did that sneak in there!]

What are some good questions you've had from kids?


  1. Not that I have kids, but we have some family mythology around one of my cousins, when having it explained to him that his great grandfather had died, it was likened to when the cat died.

    His response, "you mean Grandpa got run over by a truck?"

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I remember those kinds of questions and even asking some myself - when I was a kid of course :-)





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