Feb 10, 2013

Leaf Art

Half the time we back the car out the driveway the kids follow a little ritual accompanied by hushed giggles whereby M tells A to wind down her window and grab a handful of leaves from the bushes and trees our car brushes past. I pretend not to notice, then when we come back home they quietly gather up the leaves they've harvested and then I tell them no leaves inside the house, and they either leave them in the car or toss them on the front lawn.

Mostly this is all to no further end, but sometimes the leaves are used in a game where they become money or fairy dust or counters or confetti, and sometimes I find them stashed in a cup or a bowl inside a cupboard for later play, or carefully piled on the table outside until the wind or the cat swats them away.

Today they were put to another use, with the help of some extra bits gathered from the backyard and some paper and sticky tape:

"Leaf Garden"
"Leaf Dog and Cat"


  1. They are lovely Jackie! Especially keen on the leaf dog and cat. We did a bit of this recently - quite easy to make fish! - the kids glued leaves onto card bookmarks, covered their designs in good old sticky back plastic and gave them to grandparents for christmas. They went down really well!

    1. Ooh, what a lovely idea! I would never have thought of that. I am going to put that in my December diary for this year's grandparent Christmas presents, thank you!



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