Oct 9, 2012

The Things Kids Say...

I don't want to come over all cutesy and all, but here's a collection of some funny things my kids have been saying.

My girls are twins, aged six-and-three-quarters.

A: drawing. Me: "You're really good at drawing, you know that?"
A - still drawing - nods matter of factly. "It's my passion."


M - eating her macaroni and cheese for dinner:
"Mum, you're the man! This is fantastico!"
... still eating: to A:  "Mum rocks!"
... when I said there was no dessert: "Mum doesn't rock."

A - whose hero is currently Velma from Scooby Doo:
anytime she's impressed, surprised or dismayed: "Jinkies!"

M - on seeing a boy in the street who may or may not be from their school:
"That boy looks familiar. There are lots of boys that look like that. Their faces are very bold."

A came home from school last week and told me "OMG means Oh my God". She has now taken to saying "OMG". I mean actually saying "oh-em-gee".
As in, when I wake her up in the morning: "OMG, I do not want to get up"

M,  when I asked her to tell me her "secret":
"That's for me to know all about it and for you to not be able to find out."

A, playing pirates:
"Imagine I'm the captain and you guys are the hearties"
(as in: Aar, me hearties!)

Then there are also the lame-o catchphrases inherited from moi which are in regular use, making them sound like mini-me Gen Xers:
  • No way, Jose!
  • Correctamundo!
  • What the...?!   
  • Mama Mia!    

(I've also tried to teach them "Say it, don't spray it" and "That's my name, don't wear it out", but sadly they haven't stuck).

Fun with kids!

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