Oct 17, 2012

My Dog's Favorite Toys

My dog loves his toys.

His cuddle toy is probably his favorite.

He also likes this one

He loves his daybed

And he loves his winter coat which we put on him at night 
as he sleeps outside. 
He gets very excited when I say "time for bed" and I put on his coat.

In the morning he wriggles himself out of it and then drags it around to lie down with and snuggle.

He likes to gather a few of his toys and sit with them all within reach

He loves his bones too.

He has numerous toys, most of which live in the garden

As do the various bits of plastic he has stolen from inside the house, 
until I collect them and throw them away.

He steals underwear from the laundry hamper and takes it to the garden, where I find it, wet and filthy, days later

Worse than that, he has stolen and destroyed many a rubber sandal, from KMart thongs (that's flip-flops, Americans!) to expensive Crocs and my favorite Ipanemas.   : ((

Worse than THAT, he has caused heartache for the girls, by destroying toys, over and over again

But the toy that gets him MOST excited....


is this one:

a toilet paper roll

And I let him have them because when I give him one, 
the joy and excitement on his face are irresistible.

Even though they very quickly end up like this:

He knows straightaway which items are HIS. 
If I give him a new toy, he is thrilled with it immediately 
and guards it jealously.

He worries when I pick up his toys to toss them outside, 
and gets VERY upset when I put them in the washing machine. 
He is happy and excited when he gets them back, 
and doesn't even mind that they've been cleaned.

He knows what he's not allowed to take (anything that is not his).
He knows when he has done something bad (chewed a child's toy).

But he doesn't stop doing it.

We keep the girls' bedroom doors closed, and shoes in a box.

The girls know they can't leave anything lying around on the floor.

But he still manages to get stuff occasionally.

We have to hide the cat's toys so he won't destroy them.
So the cat only gets to play at night, when the dog is in bed outside.

She harbors resentment, and they have an uneasy relationship.

Somehow, though he's supposedly not allowed on furniture, 
he has managed to make this chair his.

After a hard day's play, a boy does need his rest.

Dogs, eh?
: )


  1. He is absolutely, deliciously, sweetly adorable!

    1. He has his moments (she admits grudgingly). He's a sweetie, he just drives me mental!

  2. Gotta say, prefer your cat. Now there is a sweetie - even if she does bite ever now and then. :)

    1. Shhhh... I secretly prefer her too.
      But then I feel guilty when I think that, because Harry is so utterly, crazily, devotedly attached to me.
      But you know, Tia doesn't like, destroy our stuff.

  3. LOVE that his favourite thing is a toilet roll! What a dog! Sounds like such a character. If we ever get a dog, I'd like a quirky one - less chewing though (poor old Barbie!) x

    1. He is a sweetie. Even though he drives us all a bit crazy, we've got quite attached to him. And I do think dogs are good for kids. BUT... they are messy, for the house and garden. If you're thinking of getting one, put if off as long as you can get away with it! ;)



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