Oct 1, 2012

Everyday Beauty: Weeds

I hate weeds. They're usually ugly. They stop pretty ground cover and flowers from flourishing. And they're what makes me give up gardening, time and time again.

But even among the weeds, there is beauty.

I quite like this stuff:

Clover and "buttercups". Gorgeous.

This one had to be taken as an EXTREME close-up, because this is one of those ugly, sprawling, prickly fellas (who has since been pulled out). 

But the flower was rather stunning, when you looked up close:

Where did you see everyday beauty this week?



  1. What you call "buttercups" I call sour sobs - and not only do they look pretty but they taste great too - well the stems do anyway.

    1. So I have heard... not having grown up in Melbourne I missed this childhood experience. Plenty to munch on in my front yard though I guess...



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