Nov 7, 2016

5 Favourite Posts

How fortuitous that just when I dusted off my blog this week, along came a new Listography! Whether this marks a return of Listography or just a one-off thing, I'm happy to see it and immediately want to participate.  I loved Kate Takes 5's Listography when it was a regular thing - always so easy and fun to make a five-point list of anything.

So this Listography is Five Favourite Posts.

I've had this in draft since yesterday, trying to decide on my favourite posts, and it's not quite as easy as I thought it would be. Ones I thought were great at the time I read now and am embarrassed by; others I like but the topic is a bit boring, or I like the topic but my execution was a bit meh. But I have finally settled on these five:

The Art of Leisure
From June 2016 - a post on rediscovering proper joy in leisure activities, which I managed to do once, briefly.

Men and Women are Completely Different
In which I argue a topic very close to my heart: that men and women (and especially boys and girls) are not at all psychologically different, underneath all the social conditioning.

My Dog's Favourite Toys
A little love note to our fluffy beast

How Not to Handle a Confrontation in Front of Your Kids
In which I turned into a complete bogan over a small confrontation and lost my family's respect. (Sorry not sorry)

Breaking the Magician's Code
In which I reveal the secret behind my then eight-year-old's very impressive magic trick

Gerry Dulay/Flickr CC


  1. This is why I do a weekly re-run of posts I either liked or thought did not get a fair viewing. I'll go back to your list today.

    1. It's a good idea. I've often thought of doing the same but I'm also tempted to rewrite some older ones and re-issue them but then that is work.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Perhaps I ought to do the same. I love the "Men and Women are Completely Different" post.
    it's one of my favourite subjects.

    BTW - Welcome back!




  3. Lovely to see you pop up in the blogosphere again.
    Confrontation? Not something I do well, and something I try and avoid. Sometimes when I shouldn't. A great (and sadly familiar) post.

    1. Thanks EC. I'm not good at confrontation either. I do it rarely and badly. Maybe I need more practice!

  4. I love the magic trick, what a clever idea! Some lovely posts there and I found the leisure post really interesting because I think it is true, the digital world along with being so busy has taken away the ability to enjoy leisure time. Maybe we need a bring back leisure time campaign!

  5. Brilliant. Love your choices. Leisure one is so true and the differences between men and women is brilliant. (Also still chuckling at your confrontation post!) Thanks so much for joining in and most importantly WELCOME BACK!



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