My favourite pictures from the artists in the lounge room.

Lalaloopsy doll and pet by A

Butterfly by M. I LOVE this. M is not really an artist -
unlike her sister she is not that interested.
And then she produced this masterpiece!

Rudolph by M, drawn a year ago aged 6

Storm - by M

A loves Monster High right now (Oct 2012)

Rainbow Fairy by A

Football players by A
Stencil animals by M

Supergirl saving me and my teddy from fire - by A (aged 5)

Redback spider with fangs - by A (aged 5)

Rabbit Family - by A (aged 5)

M and A carrying Easter basket (by A)

Mum and Dad by A, aged 4

My Family by M, aged 4

Mummy going to work in the city - by A

Monster - by A

Rainbow girl - by A

Island - by A

Bus - by A

House - by M

Princess with powers - by M

Basketball player and coach with whistle - by A

Swimming in the sea - by M

Alien - by A

Pig in mud - by A

Marching band leader - by A

House with dog and bunny - by M

Girl - by A

Boy - by A
House with hairdressing salon- by M

Harmony, Rhapsody, Elf and Whizzy - by A

Rain - by A

Me and my sister riding giraffes -by M

mand and woman visiting circus-by A


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