About me
I'm Jackie K, I work in stockbroking operations as a project manager, I am married to Y., and we have twin daughters M. and A., who are in primary school. I've been working variously part-time or full-time since my girls were eight months old.

About the blog

This blog was originally about combining full-time paid work with motherhood.

At the time everything I heard, read or watched seemed to be geared around an idea that "good" mothers work part-time, don't do paid work, or operate work-from-home businesses in the wee hours of the morning while the children slept.

Plenty of women work this way, but not all of us.

In recent years - post Global Financial Crisis - there's much more discussion about parents employed full-time, so I think the imbalance I originally felt has been redressed.

I also think there is no such thing as "work-life balance", and the endless quest for it is exhausting and counter-productive. I'm sick of reading about it, and sick of writing about it.

(But if you're looking for stuff, there's still plenty here)

So now I write about parenting, working, life and the bits I find interesting. Much less depressing... :)

I'm interested in science, social history, economics and finance, art, and the secret life of children.


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