Jun 8, 2015

New job

I have a new job. 

After 15 years working in stockbroking operations, I am now working for a software vendor and loving it. The vendor's product is fantastic and the company is small, nimble and growing - everything I've been looking for. 

The last couple of years have seen an explosion in agile and cloud-based business and I decided a little while ago that was where I wanted to be. In my last job I worked closely with a couple of very good vendors and it really opened my eyes up to this whole "new" world of agile methods and business in "the cloud".

I've also become a bit disillusioned with much of the financial services industry. I know! It seems like such a good, honest industry, right?! Actually, what I meant by that was, the last few years have just become a bit of a downer. No one is making a lot of money, clients are understandably leery, and as a result of everyone trying lots of different things to try and find new ways of making money, the landscape is constantly changing and there is a lot of "work" but not too much excitement or optimism to go with it. I love the people I worked with - some of them for many, many years - and I did like and will miss many things about my last jobs, but it was definitely time for a change for me.

The new job has been a learning curve for me. I'll admit my first week left me absolutely exhausted. By the end of my second week I was merely fatigued. So by the end of next week I should just be tired! Full steam ahead!

With a change of workplace comes also a change in location. I've worked at the eastern end of the CBD for nearly 15 years, and am now all the way diagonally across the city, at the north-west end.  Many years ago I worked down this way and always did like it. It's a nice part of town.  It's also much, much handier for public transport, and much, much worse for driving - so after only two weeks I have thoroughly broken my previous bad habit of driving to work.  My commute now takes no longer and is much, much cheaper!

The only downside is I am too far away to meet former workmates for lunch. But I'm sure we will work something out.

So, some photos.

My last photo from atop the Herald Sun building on Flinders Street. A little sad to lose this daily view:

My last iCaramba wrap from the Blue Bag cafe on Exhibition Street :(

You can also see on the right of this photo, the iPad loaned from my old job, which I spent my last lunch break restoring to pre-me condition to return it to work - deleting my daughter's Minecraft, Instagram selfies, photo edits, apps and webpages only to remember at the end that there is a one-step "delete iPad" option in Settings.

... And so to the other end of town:

Flagstaff Gardens:

King Street:

Some of the old buildings and remnants of old Melbourne:

And I have no idea what this is, but I love it:

A change is as good as a holiday, right?

I hope so, because I won't be getting a holiday for quite a while.


  1. 40 years of Wall Street operations I eel your pain. Not all bad but good on you for a new direction, an easier commute is another big plus.

    1. Thanks. Yep I'm glad to be out of it though it does feel a little strange after so long. You did very well to last 40 years on Wall Street! There'd be a few ups and downs in that time!

  2. A huge step. Yay you. I hope there is some exhilaration mixed in with the exhaustion - and that it remains when the fatigue is gone.
    And I love the look of the area you have 'moved' to. Those steps made my legs ache looking at them though. And the sculpture is quirky and fun.

    1. Yes I am finding the work interesting and the people are great, so I hope I'll find my rhythm there quickly. I was very comfortable at my last job so the change was always going to be a big one.
      And yeah, I haven't tackled those steps yet :)

  3. Hence the blog quietness. I really like the Hun building and is it right next door, the skinny modern building? I misread your paragraph about where you now are, thinking it was a north western suburb. It did not make sense and the photos quickly corrected my misread. The song West End Girl might be appropriate at this point. I hope the new job continues to go so well.

    1. Thanks!
      The skinny building is around the corner from the other one, which along with the cobbles and the statue are on Jeffcot Street opposite those steps and the Flagstaff Gardens.
      Yes I've had no time at all to read or write blog posts in the last few weeks. Hoping that will change as I settle in.

  4. As you are not that far away, lunch later in the week? Meet in the middle? Before I take off to Phuket?

  5. I hope the new job continues to be everything you want it to be.

  6. Great news Jackie! Good to have new challenges, though hard to leave friends and familiarity behind. Glad to hear it's going so well x

    1. Thanks Tracey! It's both good and hard as you say. Change is like that I guess :)



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