Jun 14, 2015

Great idea!

My daughter M has a cunning sort of cleverness about her that I am sure will serve her well in life. When she uses her powers for good, she comes up with some smart stuff.

Here are three of her recent ideas - two just from today - that I think are pretty good:

  • Sweets van:  Like an ice-cream van but selling sweets, like lollies (candy) and cakes
  • Digital devices (cell phones, tablets, etc) that are charged by the energy in your body
  • A high-powered hot-air fan that dries and warms your body as soon as you step out of the shower

I told her today that she comes up with some pretty good ideas. She said, "Well, that's because I want a lot of things in my life that I don't have."

I guess all inventions come from wanting things that don't yet exist.  The more I think about it, the more I want the third one too.


  1. Jackie, who knows maybe she is going to be an inventor. But it seems be a clever girl and stubborn so it is good quality in life

  2. I like the devices being charged by the energy of your body, but it might only work for young people.

  3. Clever indeed, but laughing in rueful recognition at joeh's comment.

    1. Yeah I guess we'd all have to get our kids and grandkids to carry around our devices!

  4. Hi Jackie,

    All good ideas apart from the "sweet van" - which would probably make me fat,

    A variation on the "devices changed by body energy" that would suit me and Joeh would be "Devices charged by hot air from endless ranting".

    I would never have to worry about charging devices again.




    1. Until they can make devices charge by thinking/worrying, none of these options will help me!

      Yes M first came up with the sweets van as a job for herself, but I am pretty sure she would eat most of her stock before she put in a half-day's work...

  5. The high powered hot air body drying fan exists in the future in books written by J d Robb. Not everybody has one even then I suppose, but I remember wanting one as soon as I read about it. One of the main characters is a multi billionaire and has one, along with a programeable shower with jets from all directions that can be programmed cool, warm ,hot, soothing or massage etc.
    I remember ice cream vans from before the Mr Whippy days, they also sold sweets, not a large range, but sweets nevertheless. The ice cream range was limited too.

    1. I will tell M that someone else had the same idea about the fan. She'll be interested! She has also talked about showers with multiple heads which does sound nice.



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