Jun 3, 2014

Best Mother In The World

Today I have been awarded the prestigious - and rare - Best Mother in the World diploma.

Although I have worked and studied hard for this diploma, I could not have reached this moment without the help of many special people. To those people I would like to say a few words of thanks.

To my children, without whom none of this would be possible: I thank you.

To my husband, who has tirelessly supported his family and shared parenting duties with me: thank you. For the fact that you were so often absent working during those difficult early years, or generously sleeping and leaving me room to explore the mothering arts unhindered, allowing me to forge my parenting skills and complete many of the units required to earn this diploma alone: I thank you.

To my mother, whose ongoing support has been invaluable. To the older Greek ladies whose practical wisdom, spiced with handy tips for avoiding the curse of the Evil Eye, added so much to my bag of tricks. Thank you.

To the sleep school who saved us all, and especially for those two blissful nights with sleeping pills and no babies: I thank you.

To the countless parenting books, articles, blogs and columns I pored over, until having absorbed, learned or created all the wisdom I needed, I was able to roll my eyes, explode in rage or quietly chuckle and discard them all: thank you.

To the daycare centre which nurtured my children, nagged us to toilet train them, and provided enough messy activities to allow me to avoid finger painting at home: thank you.

Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes two villages to raise twins. But there can only be one Best Mother in the World, and tonight I humbly accept that title.

As I look around me here tonight, I see many worthy mothers who might also have earned this diploma, and I feel honored to be in such company. That I was chosen says much about the skills and talents of us all.

I promise to remain worthy of this diploma and I hope that I can continue, in the years ahead, to provide not only love and support to my children, but also courage and inspiration to those other mothers out there, who may be struggling to earn their own diploma. Stick with it, sisters. One day in the future (when I am gone, of course) you too may also be awarded Best Mother in the World.

Awarded by A, via Greek school:
Diploma: the Best Mother in the World.


  1. Wow...congratulations. If I were you, I would frame that and hang it bcause at any moment it may be rescinded without warning. The presenters of that particular award have been known to be fickle lol.

  2. As Deloris says you may lose that title somewhere around the teen years. You may even become the worst mother in the world, but then I predict a rebound and many, many years as the title holder.

    Congratulations, you've earned it!

  3. Big, big congratulations. I know just how much blood sweat and tears you expended before getting your rightful due. And hope that you keep it. I suspect Delores might speak from bitter experience.

    1. I am always ready to learn from previous recipients of this award :)

  4. Jackie, congratulations it is very difficult to get a diploma if you have had a family.

    1. Thank you Gosia. Although this particular diploma REQUIRES a family, I can confirm they have not always made it easy for me to reach the height at which I now sit.

  5. Well, Congratulations!
    And well deserved too.
    Anyone who gets through twins infancy and toddlerhood and stays sane, gets my sincere admiration.

  6. Awww, I'm tempted to enrol Sapphire into Greek school in the hopes that I might get one next year! xo



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