Oct 6, 2013

On the car radio

What do you listen to in the car?  I listen to ABC 774 on my daily commutes, and music when I'm driving with the kids.  Their stations of choice are (in this order): Fox FM, Nova, and Mix.

Today I drove the kids to a playdate, then had the car radio to myself. I switched to 774.  But on the way back to pick up the kids 774 was playing repeats of stuff I'd already heard during the week (I already know about panda sperm being delivered to the zoo, thanks!).  I listened to a bit of News Radio then switched back to FM when sport came on. It defaulted to Fox but Fox was playing a song I hate, so I tried a few other stations, until I came to this:

Ah, nothing wrong with that. NOICE. Amirite?

Cue the kids getting back in the car, and then a short silence while we drove and I sang along to the chorus (making full use of the required high quavering Bee Gees voice: "In the words of a broken heart it's just eee-MO-shun that's takin me ovah, tied up in SO-row, LO-O-OST in mah so-o-oul...").

"Mum," said M. "Is this Fox?"


"Is it Nova?"


Short silence.

"Is it Mix?"


"What is it?"

"Um...."  How could I put this?  "It's Smooth FM!"

Both kids in chorus:   "Nooooooooooooo!!!"

So we went back to Fox, and then to Nova.  

And we all agreed on this, really loud:


What's on your car radio?


  1. I listen to Satellite radio. Howard Stern if no one else is in the car. Apparently many people think he is a disgusting pig, but he is a grown up speaking as if just talking to friends...loose and without a filter. If celebs are willing to sit in, he is the best interviewer in the world. Guests forget where they are and reveal information they would never with Barbra Walters or Oprah or 60 minutes. He is amazing, but if asked in proper company I will say I never listen to that childish stuff...just like a lot of people. I loved the bee gees...is that wrong?

    1. Definitely not!
      I've never heard Howard Stern but heard a lot about him. He sounds interesting.

  2. I don't listen to the radio when I'm driving...I have my back seat driver with me and he won't shut up so there's no point in having the radio on.

  3. It used to be exclusively ABC Melbourne, except when sport was on. I don't listen to ABC Melbourne as much now as they have to many obscure musicians playing music I don't like. If I don't like what is on, I now hop between RN and News Radio.

  4. Firefox is having a hissy fit and won't let me hear any videos at the moment. Sigh. Just the same I could hear the Bee Gees in my head - thanks for the reminder. And usually I/we don't listen to the radio in the car. A habit I suppose.

  5. I listen to CDs or what ever is on my iPod in the car. Have been scarred for life by my mother listening to talk back for most of my life. They play Smooth FM in supermarkets as I found out on my day working in one the other day. I was a bit disturbed that I could sing along with most of what they were playing - but it was better than what they normally play in the supermarket chain for which I am working at the moment.



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