Oct 2, 2013

Family Affirmations

Good friends of ours recently adopted a child, and are applying their endless love, energy and strength to the process of building their family. They are the most wonderful, deserving parents ever and they are doing a magnificent job enfolding their beloved and lovely son into their lives.

It's been hard, at times, of course, for all three of them. But what you feel coming off them all, in waves, is love and determination.

My friend is making a family affirmations list, which she will make into a large poster or artwork in their house. She is still working on it, but she posted her first draft on Facebook the other day and I found it so moving I asked her if I could post it here.

In this family:
We do real
We do mistakes
We do I’m sorry
We do second chances
We do fun
We do crazy
We do laugh
We do rest
We do help
We do care
We do dreams
We do prayer
We do respect
We do polite manners
We do hugs
We do forgiveness
We do gratitude
We do honesty
We do bravery
We do really loud
We do our best
We do family
We do love

Now that's a family on the right track.

IngridTaylar/Flickr Creative Commons


  1. Oh yes, decidedly a family on the right track. And the things they do would make the whole world better if more people joined in.

  2. Something I wish was around when I was growing up. I might just remove the 'really loud' though.

  3. I have a similar affirmation on my wall, I saw it on someone's blog and asked if I could copy it, then shrunk it down to photo size and printed it.
    Mine doesn't have crazy, rest, help, care,our best, prayer, polite manners, honesty, bravery, really loud or gratitude.
    It does have thank yous, adventure, happiness and chores; as well as all the others your friend has listed.

    It's a nice way to raise a family, with all those good values.

    1. It's a good idea, isn't it? I'm thinking of adapting it for my house too.

  4. That's lovely, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of waves of love and determination.

  5. Congrats to your friends! How wonderful for them. Was it a domestic or international adoption?

    1. Thanks Lani. It was domestic. I know it's not been easy for them at times but I am just so thrilled for them still. These are people who are amazing with kids and wanted a child so much. If anyone deserved a family it was them. It's so great for all three of them.



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