Sep 1, 2013

I think we're done here

Hard garbage week this week. So we spent a good part of today clearing out EVERYTHING old and broken from our garage.

Our girls are nearly 8. I'm nearly 44 and Y is a few years older. So we figured it's probably about time we got rid of The Baby Things.

Over the years I have actually got rid of a lot of Baby Things. Clothes, sleeping bags, various toys and other small accoutrements have been gradually handed down or given away, in the beginning reluctantly and with sadness, and later, to my surprise, with something more like relief.

It's both sad and wonderful to see your babies grow up. I was so emotional, for so long, at either side of my babies' birth, and for a good three years I parted with nothing. I didn't want my children to stay babies (GOD no) but I could quite happily stand in the garage and press my face to an old sleep suit and pick up just a trace of that glorious, sweet baby scent - one distinct scent for each baby - and it made my heart jump and sing every time.

But eventually those scents faded and went, and our garage piled up with stuff we would never use again, had no one to hand down to, and could not sell. I did always intend to sell our baby stuff, but somehow I never got round to it. I booked a stall once at a baby market - but I was sick and couldn't go. I planned a trip once, to a second-hand baby gear shop - but I was too busy and couldn't go. I decided to donate our twin pram to the Multiples Club we belonged to - but somehow I forgot to do that.

I did give away a lot of things, mindful of how much had been given to us. Clothes were always passed on to my cousin for her daughter, one year younger than ours.  Of our actual baby gear though, little was shed, for one reason or another. Some went to my sister when she had her baby, but by that stage most of our stuff was pretty old and new stuff was so cheap.  By this point, we wouldn't be able to sell anything.

So this year, nearly eight years after our babies were born, the last of it has finally gone.

Well, not yet gone, but sitting on our nature strip awaiting the annual hard garbage collection.

How long did it take you to get rid of The Baby Stuff? Was it difficult?


  1. Mrs. Cranky's youngest is 23, and we still have her stuff in the garage and a storage unit!! Cribs, strollers, hand prints in clay etc. She may have issues...guess I have to give her that.

  2. There's a lot of good stuff on your footpath right now, I'm sure someone will salvage plenty from the pile.
    I remember getting rid of the last of our baby stuff in 1983. J was two then (32 now) and being the fourth child I knew there'd be no more babies. I advertised them on a local notice board, I think at a shopping centre, and when a young pregnant woman came along with her mother to purchase the pram and cot, I could see they didn't have much money so added the clothes and toys as well for nothing. It was surprisingly easy and I had no regrets or "what if" type thoughts at all. I think I even gave her the baby bath.

  3. I do remember finding it hard to let go of their things at first, and then I got over the sadness, to the point where I'd actually be palming off bags of baby stuff every time we visited my younger sisters, whether they wanted them or not..
    Wish we had something like a hard garbage week here, always feel better after a good old clear out.

  4. I've still got a timber cot and a portacot hanging around and my 'babies' are 12, 9 and soon to be 5. I keep thinking I should sell them on Gumtree or something but I never do it. I applaud your bold move of just getting rid of the clutter.

    1. We had 2 timber cots (both of which were given to us), and we gave one back to the family we got it from for their grandson to use, and one went to my sister though they ended up just buying a new one. It is best to be able to give things to others who can use them, if that's an option. Selling seems such a hassle for so little return and in fact you might be lucky to get anything - but more organised people than I have done it!
      Failing that - yes - just get rid of it.
      Anything still good I've taken to charity shops - what's left now is basically junk.

  5. I still have baby stuff in the shed and my youngest is 15. I live in hope of grandies from the older children to use it on.
    I like it how you put stuff out on the verge for collection and the next day it is halved as the pickers come on by.

    1. Yes! In previous years we've had our pile halved (or more), but this year not so much. The little toy piano went (which I kind of regret not keeping for visiting bubs now), and the pram, even though it has bald tires and torn, moth-eaten seats. Nothing else has been picked!



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