Nov 12, 2012

Their Preoccupations Often Frivolous

Goodness me, it is either a great time or a terrible time right now to be a Mummy Blogger!

First of all there is the term Mummy Blogger. Who doesn’t love that, eh?

Second, there has been the concern locally about PR partnerships, sponsored posts and the fairness and sensitivity (or otherwise) of how these things are marketed. Sponsored posts are causing quite the debate currently, and I do think they warrant scrutiny and care. But I also think a lot of the issues people are unhappy about will sort themselves out as the processes evolve. 

Third, here in Australia there was the recent Media Watch episode 'The Rise of the Personal Blogger' which puzzled many and displeased some, but which did raise some valid points about sponsored content. (It also contained the memorable line "Of course, some of the mummy bloggers are naive, and their preoccupations often frivolous.")

And now from the UK there is the Liz Jones piece in the Daily Mail, which appears to be designed partly to shock and partly to salve her fuming resentment of women who “don’t work”. There is plenty in that post to dissect and Ms Jones has left herself rather wide open to analysis – and plenty of bloggers will take on that happy task I am sure.

But, as someone who works almost full-time at a paid job, and works parenting 7-year-olds and managing our house, and who is happy to accept blogging as an unpaid hobby, I leave you instead with an ode to Baby Wipes. (Unsponsored).

Ode to Baby Wipes

Oh, thick, unscented baby wipes, I'd like to shake your hand
For all you make so easy, I am an ardent fan.
Our kids have not been babies now, for many fun-filled years
But you, unlike the nappies, are permanently here.

I love you for your ease of use, and all the things you do
With just a squirt of toilet gel, you help me clean the loo.
You help me take my make-up off, instead of cleansing cream
You help me clean the vanity, without elbow grease or steam.

You wipe up sticky fingers, you clean hands when there's no soap
You wipe faces quick and easily; in short you help me cope
With germs and dirt and stickiness, wherever they may lie
I'll buy you, thick unscented baby wipes, until the day I die.


  1. You have summed up baby wipes perfectly!!

  2. I've bookmarked the two links to read them later, but your ode to baby wipes is brilliant - I still love 'em and use 'em in all manner of ways!



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