Nov 23, 2012

How to Tell if You're Tired

I may be tired.

This morning getting dressed for work, I could not remember how to open my favourite perfume.  The one I wear every day. I picked up the bottle and turned it around in my hands and stared at it, and I could not remember how to open it.

This lasted a good few seconds.

What's more, I still didn't remember. In the end I gave the lid an experimental twist and it lifted off (ah yes - lift, not twist).

Last Friday our school had their annual Fun Fair, and because Y and I were both working, a friend very kindly took our girls home with her child after school and then took them all to the fair. At her house, M borrowed some clothes from her friend V, and off they all went to the fair, where I met them in the evening.

On Saturday I washed the clothes and hung them out to dry. They were a pair of white leggings and a cobalt blue dress.

On Tuesday the girls have Greek school with V, and it's also my day off work, so I planned to return the dress and leggings, all nicely washed and dry, that afternoon.

So on Sunday I put the leggings in a plastic bag and then looked for the dress.

I couldn't find the dress. It wasn't on the line. It wasn't in the baskets of clothes waiting to be folded and put away.

I checked again. It HAD to be on the line - I remembered hanging it there. Didn't I?

Maybe I hadn't washed it. I checked in the laundry basket. No dress.

Maybe I had put it in M's room. I checked. No dress.

I had done a heap of washing on Saturday. Maybe Y brought it in with one of the loads, and put it somewhere weird? I checked everywhere - no dress.

This went on throughout Sunday, and Monday night after work.

On Tuesday I returned the leggings to V, and told her the dress was coming as soon as I found it.

I looked everywhere. I went out to the line maybe six times to double check.

Then I had a good night's sleep.

On Wednesday morning I went to the clothes line to take in some school clothes.

And I saw this.

WTF brain!

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