Sep 11, 2012

New Glasses

Two years after getting my first reading glasses, I have just replaced them. In the last few weeks I was reading without them more often than with them, so it was time for a new prescription.

I have loved my reading glasses. I've had minor eye-sight problems since my teens when I contracted a flu-related virus which scarred my retinas and made me intolerant of sunlight for years. Anytime I went outside without sunglasses my eyes would weep and hurt, so I had to wear sunglasses all the time, even if the sun wasn't that strong.

Which sometimes made me look like a bit of a try-hard.

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That was the end of my twenty-twenty childhood vision. But while my eyesight was no longer perfect, it wasn't bad enough to need glasses. I have an astigmatism and for nearly twenty years I used to read with one eye shut to focus (at least when I was alone at home).

Once I started Working With Computers it all went to hell. My weepy-sore eyes hit me more often and I finally twigged that I needed glasses after realising I was exhausted and headachy every night, and my eyes stung by Friday.

My first reading glasses, two years ago, changed my life. It was like a miracle - I could see like I used to! I could read easily! Without headaches! What a dork I was that I hadn't checked this out earlier.

But as we all know, once you start wearing glasses, your eyesight only gets worse, so after eighteen months I felt my glasses becoming less effective and began reading more often without them. Because I'm an idiot I did this for another six months before realising my eyes were sore and I was putting off reading for pleasure because it was getting too hard.

So, I took myself off for my overdue eye test...

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...and got two new pairs of glasses.

One in New Hipster:

One in Designer Steel:

Yeah baby!

What has changed your life lately?



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