Aug 30, 2012

I'll be baaack

Image courtesy of digitalart,

Just a short note to advise I am temporarily indisposed, but will be back before long.

11 weeks ago, I broke my arm while on holiday in Greece, and it has not healed. This week I had surgery to implant a rod and screws through my arm bone to pin the pieces back together.  So for the next week I am under orders to do next to nothing, other than sleep and take pills and do mild physio.

Well alright then, if everyone insists!

But I will be back on this blog, reading other blogs, linkys, Facebook and Twitter before long, so I look forward to reading you / hearing from you again soon.

Take care,



  1. Hey Jackie, sorry to hear you had to have more surgery, and hope you've a relaxing, healing week. All the very best, Tracey x

  2. Get better soon, Jackie. Read lots of good books and watch lots of good DVDs as part of your recovery. Adding chocolate will help too.



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