Apr 17, 2012

The Dry Cleaning Conundrum

The number of times an ostensibly house-trained Pomeranian can pee on bedding is apparently unlimited, but the amount of money I have for dry cleaning doonas (duvets) and the time I can find to take them to dry cleaners and wait for them to be ready is not.

So today I washed three down duvets with wool wash and hung them out to dry.

Before I recommend doing this in favor of following the "dry-clean only" instructions on the labels, bear with me for a couple of days and I will let you know how this went. *

Do NOT let this cute face fool you. He is evil.

* Not well. In the case of feather duvets, the "Dry Clean Only" label is telling the truth. 
If "Dry Clean Only" labels weren't on every second bloody garment in order to cover every bloody manufacturer's @rse I might believe them when it counts. Hrmph. I blame the Lawyers.
And the dog.


  1. How can a sample dog like yours produce that much urine?

    1. God knows. He still does it even after going outside for a wee! He is a permenantly leaky tap :(

  2. Oh but that face....!

    Milly had a bladder infection a couple of weeks ago, so I do understand. Not just the endless washing of bedding and sheets but also the vet bills!

    1. Wish I could blame a bladder infection instead of just general useless-bloody-dog infection...
      He is a sweetie, if we could JUST fix this one problem!

  3. I think I am going to follow you for some coats from wool, so please tell me how is your dry clean going...



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