Dec 16, 2010

We are family....

...though the number of family members is clearly a matter of opinion...

This one is by A.
It looks somewhat like one of those fake children's paintings you see in movies where you know that someone in the studio has really done it - but this is a real one, honest.
Apart from the colour that is quite an accurate depiction of my hair.

This one is by M. I love the way she always draws her people all over the picture like floating ghosts.
I think the blue and red figure at bottom left is the cat. I'd say Mum and Dad are in front (interestingly Mum on the left in both pictures...clearly the boss of the house, ha!).
Not sure who the extra kid is as I'm sure we only have two...


  1. They're both lovely paintings and I know what you mean about the studio versions of kids art work seen in the movies. You're probably at that stage where so much 'art work' comes in the front door and some of it can be saved and some of it has to be discreetly 'let' go.

    We used to hide some underneath the newspapers for recycling but one day Sapphire found out and had a good old tantrum. Still, these days we have a drawer in the filing cabinet full of her 'strategic' works that actually do provide a lovely little history of her development and interests.

  2. Hi Kath,
    very true - I do tend to pick the "keepers" and secretly bury the others in the recycling as I can get away with it. Did have more than one occasion where A found her artwork in the bin and was very upset and accusatory and I wimpily pretended it was a mistake. These days I hide them better inside newspaper pages...
    Even so I still have a big box full and they have not yet even started school!



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