Sep 24, 2010

Just Believe!

How do you know when your daughter has watched too many Barbie movies?
(Real answer: When you know she has watched at least one...)

Here's how I knew.

A broken toy, a request to fix it. Knowing the toy was beyond repair, I answered that I couldn't fix it.
M. looked at me and said, "Did you try to fix it?"
"Yes," I said (lying - it was completely beyond help). "I tried, but I couldn't fix it."
M. looked at me earnestly. "You can Mum, " she said. "You just have to try. And believe in yourself!"

"Well, " I said, "sometimes, there are just some things you can't do, even if you really believe in yourself!"


  1. Oh yeah..... we had one Barbie movie - Pegasus and I sat through it once. I think if I'd worked on that movie in any capacity I would have wanted to staple my eyes closed and ram a stapler in both ears....

  2. Yes, and they are all the same! Marketing, sly messages about the value of beauty, and fake grrrl power, all wrapped up in sparkly pink!

  3. My nieces made me endure a Barbie movie once. Pornography for children. Should be banned. I'm sure Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was much more critical to my values developing (as well as my singing) Still have no idea how adults put up with kids films like that - things like the Pixar stuff is much more entertaining.
    All you have to do is believe.... priceless.

  4. So true. Personally I love the 'gross-out' cartoons on Saturday mornings like 'Squirrel Boy', 'My Gym Partner is a Monkey' etc, and have a fondness for Ben 10 and Sponge Bob Square Pants. My favourite kids' movies are the Madagascar movies, they crack me up every time.



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