May 9, 2017


My house is a mess
It causes me stress
But not quite enough
To clean up the mess

I try, I do -
I know you do too -
But all I can do
Is manage the zoo

'Do 5 tasks before bed!'
'Put ten things away now!'
So all the posts said
But they don't quite get how:

Those things are not all
And nor are they small
I could do things all day
And achieve nothing at all

You see...

A house is not static
It doesn't stay clean
Those '5 tasks' or 'ten things'
Go forever, I mean

It's all very well
To do a 'ten minute blitz'
You'll feel glad at the end
To have tidied a bit

But the blitz will have sapped
All your energy too
And still what you have
Is a shit-load to do

There are still things to clean,
Still tasks that are waiting,
And kids who need food,
And food that needs plating

The dog needs a walk,
The garden is scrubby;
The spiders have scared
The kids from the cubby

The clothes still need washing,
The sheets must be changed,
Insurance and banking
Must all be arranged

The floor needs a vacuum 
And also re-stumping
The bedroom needs cleaning,
My clothes need de-frumping

The blinds all need dusting
And the cupboards de-musting!
The barbecue's rusting!
The rubbish bin's busting!

The walls need re-painting -
We'll do that some day
We'll pull up that carpet,
And throw it away.

The wood on the deck is rotting, I know
The front fence is falling and it has to go
We'll plant those fruit trees we've been talking about
And hire a skip and clean everything out.

We'll clean out the garage
And use it for cars!
Instead of parking 
Under the stars.

There's so much to do
And no time to do it
I guess all I can do
Is Keep Working Through It.

June Yarham / Flickr


  1. If we didn't have a party once and a while our house would never get straightened up.

    Love the Dr. Zuesian poetry.

    1. The time-honoured solution of 'invite people over' does indeed work wonders. It amazes me every time, how effective it is in getting your house looking great in little time. Plus, I guess, you also get to have a nice time with people. I must do it more often!

  2. How true it is.
    Never ending. Always growing. And yes, house-guests are often my spur.



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