Dec 27, 2016

Tech Life: Build, Test, Release Adventures

For the past year and a half I've been working for a small and smart financial software vendor, which I love. I'd been inching my way from financial services to "the other side" of the software fence for a few months before I made the change, and I thought at the time I had developed a solid understanding of technology vendor-ship and what that work would be like.

But of course, you only know so much until you get there.

The amount I've learned - and am learning - is immense and fantastic, and I am honestly amazed and grateful that in my late forties I am working in a nimble and dynamic environment where I am still learning and improving (I hope) every day.

But then, isn't that life these days? We are living in a time of unprecedented acceleration and change, and it's not like there's much of a choice. Exciting times!

Anyway, in my new life on the vendor side of the technology fence, I have come to appreciate the funny side of the frustrations unique to the software business.  These challenges are ongoing, but you can take comfort from their universality - it's not just you.

There is the classic law on software development:

And just last night I came across this one, which made me laugh at the same time as it sent a small bolt of pain recognition - a bit close to home this one.

What makes you laugh in your line of work?


  1. LOVE the project management triangle. How true it is.
    And wincing at the second.

  2. Graph one, not my problem, but for a wage slave who just does what he is told, it is clever. My phone and tablet constantly want updating, as do the apps. I just know one day one of these updates, no matter how well tested, will break one of my devices and I will slip off the slide, as I have done so many times in the past.

    1. Yeah the flipside is they are iterating constantly, so when one of those updates causes a problem there'll be another one with a fix (and other problems!) around the corner :)

  3. Hi Jackie,

    Lots of things make me laugh in terms of "I can't believe how STUPID that idea is" but more stuff makes me grimace in embarrassment and rant in disbelief.

    In my mid-fifties I want to just get out and then start writing about it all. Now that would make me laugh.

    BTW The second clip is absolutely spot on!!




    1. I agree - there's plenty of writing fodder out there!



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