Jun 16, 2016

Two App Ideas (please send money)

Dear Venture Capitalists, Developers and Marketers,

I have two great app ideas and would like these developed as soon as possible please.  Please note these are my intellectual property but I am open to sharing the millions of dollars we make on them under a reasonable arrangement.  Please let me know when they are ready.

1. HairNow!

 You know when you go to a hair salon and they have posters of hair styles in their windows or on their wall that look weird because they're always just slightly out of date?

Hairdressers can never keep up with current hair images, either in poster form or in their stacks of style books and magazines (do they still have those?)

The app:
A searchable database of hair styles, and a constantly-updating poster display for screens mounted on a salon wall

How hairdressers would use it:
Replace posters with huge screens and display an ever-changing rotation of latest hair style images. Optionally filter what styles, or types of styles, to display.

How customers would use it:
Phone app can be searched for images by hair style and type, e.g. "cool hairstyles for short thick brown curly hair" (just to throw a random example out there that has nothing to do with me).
Or search for current trends, e.g. "London 2016"

Does not promise to solve this problem

How it will make money:
Free for regular people. Hairdressers to pay a small subscription which gives them the rotating images of latest styles.  I guess the subscription has to be pretty small, if we compare it to the amount hairdressers spend on updating their posters once every few years.

2. PlantLife!

You know when you see a tree or plant you like but you don't know what it is? Or you think, "Is that a maple tree or not?" and you have to Google maple tree images and trawl through them trying to match them to what you are seeing?

Or maybe you live in North America and are hiking through the woods and want to make sure you're not about to walk through a patch of poison ivy.

We can't all be botany experts. That's why we need....


The app:
Like Shazam but for plant pictures. You hold your phone up to scan a plant or tree, focussing on leaves, for instance, or flowers. You press a button. The app trawls through the whole Google/Wikipedia images database or a botany database of some kind and bam! comes up with the name of the plant and some information.

How it will make money:
Obviously this is so useful that the money will just come rolling in from advertising we will host on the app. We will offer a premium edition with no ads but over time we will gradually put ads on the premium edition too, and raise the price. We will market this as an educational tool to schools and universities and maybe create a tie-in game? You guys can figure this stuff out, I am sure. I can't do everything.

OK so that's it for now, please go ahead and make these and I look forward to getting rich soon.
Thank you.


  1. From about three episodes ago of ABC RN's Download This Show, the second one has already been invented, but a bit more complex than an app. The first idea is good. You should see where I get my hair cut, Touch of Paris, with men's hairstyle photos from decades ago. It is anything but a Touch of Paris in the Degraves Street subway. Never mind, the haircut is good.

    1. Haha! I have been to TWO hairdressers that both have the same poster on their wall, of a girl with a severe black bob that no one in the suburbs these salons are located in is ever going to ask for.

  2. My major requirement of a hair cut is that it is wash n wear. No product required. No blow drying.
    And I would definitely use your second app. Often. And then forget what I found. Is it just me or is having information at our fingertips bad for the memory?

    1. Yes it is. But I've never had a working knowledge of plants so there's not much for me to forget.

  3. I remember the barber shop of my youth had on of those posters. Crew cut/ buzz cut/ several others but I always remember "The Vangard" which was a hairstyle exactly like Kramer on the Seinfeld show. I always wondered who the heck would order a "Vangard?"

    1. Maybe they just needed something to fill the last square. Or maybe it was an experiment to see who would order it. Or some kind of secret spy code: if someone said "I'd like the vanguard" it meant "the drop is tonight."...?



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