Nov 20, 2014

Words for Wednesday: The Recession and the Future

It's been a while since I've done a Words for Wednesday, but this week's words inspired me, and also I can not often resist a rhyming challenge.

'Words for Wednesday' is a writing prompt held by Delores at Under the Porch Light.
Use some or all of the week's words, write a poem or a story or part of a story, and visit Delores' current week's prompt to let her know you've joined in.

This week there were two lists; I chose the rhyming one:







Here is my effort:

The Recession and the Future

The GFC caused wide stagnation
Unemployment, depreciation
The end of the US domination
Of economic occupation

Now things are getting better, slowly
So they say, though here in lowly
Mortal world it doesn’t seem so
Money’s tight and jobs are more so

We read the news with trepidation
Stories lend corroboration
To fears and predeterminations
Nothing seems in moderation

Is it a question of familiarisation?
What’s the secret of acclimatization
To economic deprivation
And social want and dislocation?

We hope for better, kinder days
A future mapped in better ways
We wait and wonder what will follow
When today becomes tomorrow.


  1. Brilliant.
    And yes, some better kinder days would be more than welcome.

  2. That's very clever! I agree with EC that some kinder days would be so very welcome.
    Meantime; the secret to acclimatisation is knowing the difference between need and want, knowing what is essential (fruit, meat and veg) and knowing what you can do without ( doughnuts, chocolate).
    And serious budgeting. make those pennies count.

  3. wow you really gifted person.. Great Thanks

  4. Fantastic...and so so true. A gentler time would be appreciated.



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