Aug 5, 2014

Things I hear when my kids are playing Minecraft

Things I hear when my kids are playing Minecraft:
Otherwise known as, Maybe I should be paying more attention to this?:

"How did you do that?"
"No, that's my house, you can't go in there!" 
"Let's kill some cows." 
"Can you make me one of those?" 
"Oh dang it, I lost my door." 
"Do you want a TV in your bedroom? How about torches?" 
"No, that's MY idea, you can't make the same!" 
"No don't go down there, oh my god oh my god ZOMBIES!" 
"Do you want to go hunting?" 
"Where are you?" 
"What world are you in?" 
"Are you in my house?!" 
"Mum, M went into my village and killed all my villagers, so I could live in any house I want. So I chose a beautiful house. But it's a bit boring now, I kind of miss the villagers."




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