Jul 22, 2014


Flu, flu, I hate you
I'm all laid up, what can I do?
Very little, and I feel crap too
The house looks like an unkempt zoo
As for dinner, baked beans will do
And the kids will buy lunch tomorrow too.

Flu, flu, I hate you
And I used to scoff at flu shots too
Next winter I'll know what to do
I'll get the shot and love it too.
Next winter I'll be good as new
Without the burden of the flu.

Flu, flu, I hate you
I've missed loads of work and parenting too
I've passed through days without a clue
My legs are sore and my head pounds too
I'm living between the bed and the loo
Darn you to heck, you rotten flu.

Flu, flu, I hate you
The doctor says there's nothing to do
The dog is neglected and feeling blue
The cat doesn't care but that's nothing new
I can't read to the kids without coughing anew
So now they play Minecraft in bed, boo-hoo

Flu, flu, I hate you
My head is fuzzy and hurting too
Moving feels like walking through glue
I don't even know if you ARE the flu
'Flu-like virus' is probably true
'Ebola' feels apt but I can't overdo

Flu, flu, I hate you
The office is hit and school is too
So many sick or struggling through
Projects on hold, no one will sue.
My boss says stay home, don't spread it anew
As people are catching it a second time too.

Flu, flu, I hate you
I'm out of clean clothes and my sheets stink too
And do I really need my period too?
Thanks body, what did I do to you?
My nose is swollen and just bled too
My face is spotty, my memory is too *

At home there are some saving graces
My husband's tea, my kids' kind faces
But the best thing of all that I can see:
So far the only one sick is me.

* I am blaming my illness for the standard of rhyming in this passage.


  1. Sorry to hear. Proper flu, which seems like what you have is awful. Not as bad as a man cold mind, but pretty bad. Just wait until you are well again and enjoying your newly appreciated good health.

    1. I've been thinking the exact same thing: looking forward to being all better and ENJOYING good health!
      Obviously not as bad as man flu - that goes without saying :)

  2. Pretty good job at rhyming for a gal who's sick....and yes, thank goodness you are the only one because there is nothing worse than everyone coming down with it ar once. Take care and get well soon.

    1. I've been SO grateful it's just me. Thanks

  3. I don't see how you can even open a laptop when you have the flu, never mind think and write...well done. Get better soon.

    1. Tapped this into Blogger app on my phone while in bed!
      Starting to feel better today - at last

  4. Jackie, I hope soon will be better.

    1. Turned a corner today I think - thank you

  5. Aaargh. Awful, awful, awful. And I do hope the rest of the family avoids it. To get better and then have to become a sickbed nurse would be soooooo unfair.
    Get much better soon. Or quicker than that.

    1. I hope so too - that would be awful!
      Thank you

  6. Oh dear. I certainly hope you feel better very soon and also hope your family doesn't get it.
    Wash your hands a lot and make sure they all do too.

  7. Hi Jackie,

    Poor you. Hope you feel better soon.






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